Freshman and Transfer Short Answer

Georgia College requires a short answer as a component of the freshman and transfer portfolio. Freshmen and transfer applicants must provide a response to the mandatory questions provided below.


  • Each short answer shall be between 200 and 300 words in length.
  • Each short answer shall be printed in a 10- or 12-point font and double-spaced (or submitted in the appropriate text box on the electronic application).
  • For matching purposes, each short answer shall include the applicant's full name, address, and telephone number (if short answer is submitted on paper by mail — this information is not necessary if the short answer is submitted on the electronic application).
  • The short answers may be mailed to Campus Box 23, Milledgeville, GA, or e-mailed as a Microsoft Word attachment to

Freshman and Transfer Short Answer Questions

  • As part of our mission to provide students with a liberal arts education, Georgia College strives to create an atmosphere that instills in students exceptional qualities of mind and character including respect for human diversity and individuality. Given your own individual background, life experiences, and personal identity, how will you contribute to the overall diversity of the student body at GC?

  • Georgia College is dedicated to extending learning beyond the classroom to foster critical thinking skills and help students develop the tools necessary to not only consume knowledge, but also produce knowledge. Our faculty create a rigorous and challenging classroom experience, and prepare students to combine that experience with real-world applications. With this educational style in mind, please describe the most important goal you have established for yourself regarding your future undergraduate experience and explain how a Georgia College education fits into accomplishing this goal.