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Congratulations on your decision to apply to Augusta University! Located in Georgia's second largest and oldest city, Augusta University is a public research university and medical center dedicated to training the next generation of innovators, leaders and health care providers. Please review the instructions below to select your appropriate application, and we look forward to seeing you at Augusta University. GO JAGS!

Transfer students seeking admission directly to the BSN program should not complete an application at GAfutures. General transfer admission to Augusta University is not required for a student to be admitted to the BSN program. Start your BSN application at NursingCAS and by following the steps here.  CLICK HERE TO APPLY

Application Procedures and Requirements

If you are in high school seeking to be an entering freshman for Fall 2022 apply below. Next application cycle will open August 1.

  • Beginning Freshman: I have never attended another college (if applicable- except for dual enrollment while in high school ) and have graduated from high school within the last five years. CLICK HERE TO APPLY

All other applicant types, including dual enrolled, transfers, additional degrees, and non-degree seeking, please continue with the directions below for applying through our GA Futures Xap application.

Please fill out the online application as thoroughly as possible. When you have completed all highlighted sections, click the SUBMIT button on the Certification screen. If sections are greyed out, you will skip them as they are not required for your area of interest. Below are tips to consider when applying:

  •           Print the application agreement statement that appears after you submit the application.
  •             The non-refundable application fee is $55. We accept e-check, MasterCard, or VISA.                
  •         Applications are valid only for the term submitted, therefore a new application fee must also be paid when an    applicant changes their enrollment term. 
  •           Please complete the entire online application.  
  •        The information you provide is critical in evaluating your potential as a student at AU.       

           After your application has been fully processed, you will receive email notifications with further instructions.

 Application Types

       On the application, depending on your answers, you will be given an application type.  To learn more about each student type and the requirements and supplemental items needed, please visit our admissions page.

  • Life Enrichment Non-traditional: I have previously graduated from high school five or more years ago, earned a high school diploma or satisfactorily completed the GED.
  •        Transfer Freshman: I graduated from high school in the last five years, have attended another college, but have earned less than 30 semester hours or 50 quarter hours of transferable college credit.
  •         Dual Enrollment: I want to attend AU while I am still in high school and earn college credit.
  •         Transfer: I have attended other colleges and am transferring 30 or more credit hours.
  •         Readmit Degree Seeking: I have not been enrolled at AU for three or more consecutive semesters, last attended as a Transient, returning after academic dismissal or students who change their status. (degree seeking to non-degree seeking)
  •         Transient: I am attending another college, but I want to be at AU for one semester only.
  •         Audit: I am not looking to receive college or retroactive credit for participation in courses.
  •        Post-baccalaureate Non-Degree Seeking: I hold a baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution and wish to take courses for personal enrichment.
  •         Additional Degree: If you have already earned a bachelor's, you may apply as a transfer student for a second undergraduate degree at Augusta University.
  •        International Applicants. We recognize that students may have several questions throughout the international application process. Please contact with questions about the program, online application, or admissions process. 

                                                                                CLICK HERE TO APPLY

  • Application Fee

After submitting your application, you will be asked to pay the $55 nonrefundable application fee.  We accept e-check, MasterCard, VISA, or Discover. 

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