Transfer Admission

(Including post baccalaureate and second undergraduate degree applicants)

Transfer applicants have (or will have at the time of enrollment) at least 30 semester (45 quarter) hours of transferable college credit and will be eligible to immediately return to their previous school. Students with less than 30 semester hours of transferable college credit are subject to the freshmen evaluation process and must submit the necessary documents for review. Admissions decisions are based on the total student portfolio and demonstrated potential for contribution to the university and probability for success in the unique environment of the GC community.

Minimum Transfer Student Admission Requirements
Applicants with less than 30 earned semester credit hours: 2.5 transfer GPA required + freshmen evaluation
Applicants with 30 or more semester credit hours: 2.5 transfer GPA required
Applicants to the General Nursing Program and Education Majors: 2.75 transfer GPA required, regardless of earned credit hours.

The John Lounsbury College of Education and the School of Nursing have separate and competitive admissions application, procedures, and requirements in addition to admission to the general university. Please contact the College of Education at (478) 445-4056 or the School of Nursing at (478) 445-1076 for additional information.