Application Information

Steps to Applying to Clayton State University

  • Check and read the requirements for the category below that you match.
  • Complete the application prior to the deadline for the term you wish to enroll.
    Application Deadlines
    Fall semester July 15th
    Spring semester November 15th
    Summer semester April 15th
  • Submit the completed application by paying the $40 nonrefundable application fee.
  • Submit all required supporting official credentials by the deadline. They must be sent directly from the sending institutions to Clayton State University.
  • Students who applied more than one year ago, but did not enroll, must submit a new application and submit $40 nonrefundable application fee.
  • International Applicants
    International student applicants are invited to go directly to the Clayton State University International Student tab for information, admission requirements and application forms and documents.
  • Students who have previously attended Clayton State as an undergraduate transient student and who wish to return as an undergraduate transient student should not submit this application. Returning transient students should complete an application for reentry.

Traditional Freshman and Transfer Freshman Applicants

Traditional freshman and transfer freshman are applicants with less than 30 semester hours of transferable college credit who have graduated from high school within the past five years.

Applicants for this category must submit the following:

  • Application with a $40.00 non-refundable fee
  • Official high school transcript
  • Official SAT or ACT scores submitted directly from the testing service
  • Official college transcript(s) if applicable


  • Graduate from an accredited high school recognized by University System of GA.
  • Successful completion of the 17 Required High School Courses (RHSC)
  • Minimum high school GPA of 2.0 or greater using RHSC
  • Freshman index of 1940.
  • Meet one of the minimum test score requirements as follows:
    1. Students taking the old (before March 2016) SAT must have a minimum of 430 on the Critical Reading and 400 on the Math Sections.
    2. Students taking the new (after March 2016) re-designed SAT must have a minimum 24 on the Reading and 22 on the Math sections.
      (We do not use SAT Evidence-Based Read/Write and SAT Math Section Scores)
    3. Students taking the ACT must have a 17 English, 17 Math, and 17 Composite.

Clayton State University will not honor the GED from traditional age students who have been out of high school for less than five years from the date of scheduled graduation. Students holding the GED should attend a two-year or private college and qualify as a transfer applicant to Clayton State University. However, adult learners may submit the GED if they have been out of high school for more than five years and attempt to qualify as a nontraditional applicant.

Transfer Applicants

Transfer applicants have 30 or more semester hours of transferable college credit (45 quarter hours) from an accredited institution.

Applicants for this category must submit:

  • Application for admission ($40 nonrefundable application fee).
  • Official college transcript from each college/university previously attended.

Students qualify as transfer applicants if they have earned 30 transferable semester hours (45 quarter hours). Transfers must have a minimum cumulative 2.0 GPA to be considered and be in good academic and conduct standing at the last institution from which credit was earned. The cumulative GPA is calculated on all academic work attempted from all institutions attended. Transfer credit evaluations are not done until after the transfer applicant is accepted. All transcripts must be on file for the acceptance decision and prior to evaluation. The Registrar's Office completes the evaluation and notification is sent to the student. Transfer applicant with fewer than 30 transferable hours will need to meet the admission requirement for either freshman or non-traditional student in addition to the transfer standards of good academic and conduct standing at last institution from which credit was earned and have a minimum GPA of 2.00.

Dual Enrollment Applicants

The Dual Enrollment Program offers qualified high school students the option to begin working toward their college degrees while still pursuing their high school diplomas.

Applicants for this category must submit:

  • Application for admission (Fee Waived for DE students)
  • Official high school transcript that reflects 1 full year of high school academics
  • Official ACT or SAT test scores electronically
  • Request any AP/ IB scores (if applicable)


  • Minimum SAT score of 970 (combined Critical Reading and Math) with at least 430 Critical Reading and 430 Math OR Minimum ACT Composite score of 20 with at least 17 English and 17 Math.

  • Successful completion of the 9th grade is required to enroll in Clayton State University as a high school student.

  • A minimum cumulative high school grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 in academic subjects as calculated by the institution for admission purposes.

  • Students must be on-track towards the completion of the USG Required High School Curriculum (RHSC) and high school graduation requirements.

  • Students applying to participate in the Move on When Ready (MOWR) program must submit a completed MOWR Student Participation Agreement signed by the student, parent/guardian and high school counselor. If the student is not applying to MOWR, written consent of his or her parent/guardian must be submitted.

  • All students must satisfy the immunization requirements prior to the first day of classes.

Other Applicant Categories

Joint Enrollment
Program in which a student, while continuing his/her enrollment in high school as a junior or senior, enrolls in courses for college credit.

Non-traditional, post baccalaureate, transient, international.

Applicants for this category must submit:

  • Application for admission ($40 nonrefundable application fee).

The following links outline the supporting documentation required by each application type.

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